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Licensed Contractor

The state of California is similar to other locations around the United States in that to be fully authorized to do certain remodeling and other major jobs a company is required to be a licensed contractor to do the work. These requirements help to protect the public welfare by both establishing and enforcing minimum standards for a remodeling contractor adhre to while doing work for others. These requirements also provide continuing education requirements so that consumers can be comfortable in the knowledge that their contractor knows the current building code requirements in our state and where applicable in Los Angeles itself. A common mistake that many home and condo owners make in our city is to hire a general contractor who is not fully licensed since they tend to cost less money than the more reputable and established service companies found around the city. Unfortunately, when one does this, it puts all of the risk onto the home owner for the work. Not only that, but your liability can increase exponentially when allowing a company to have employees work at your desired location without the right insurance and license. If you are in need of a contractor who knows what right looks like (and follows all of the rules), then please give the friendly staff at LA Remodeling Inc. a call today. Our company has 12 years of experience across the contracting field, and we have a deep experience base when it comes to learning from past jobs to apply to our new customer’s benefit.

When you make the smart decision to give us a call, our staff will always go out of their way to discuss what your contracting needs are via the phone. Once we have a good picture of what type of work is required, we will arrange a face to face meeting with you to further discuss the project and refine the goals of the work. Included in this planning phase are the varieties of permits that will have to be pulled once you contractually hire our company to do the work. Our experienced project leads know exactly what paperwork has to be filed with whom in the local government to get your project up and running, and we are one of the most efficient contractors you will ever work with in LA. We are experts at what we do, and there is no project that is too small or too big for our team to take on for you.

As a licensed contractor, we provide the daily oversight of your project that demands the attention of a professional. We take care of all of the subcontractor scheduling and enforcement of city building codes, and you will receive regular updates from our team lead. All of our leads are extremely competent, and they know how to ask the tough questions of all of our employees to ensure you get the best quality product for your money when hiring us. We never do business with subcontractors that have outstanding contract grievances pending since the last thing we ever want to do is put you in a poor position as our customer for potentially receiving less than quality work. Our company’s commitment to customer service is what sets us apart from the other contractors that you will find across Los Angeles. We are always here to answer any questions that you might have arise, and we look forward to taking your phone call to discuss your contracting needs today.