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General Contractor

When it comes time to find a general contractor i>n Los Angeles, you will want to hire a company who has a track record of success of managing all phases of a project. No all of the general contractors , you will find in the city have this type of experience which can put completion of your work at risk of failing to meet either your budget or desired timeline for completion. If you find yourself in this position, and would like to hire one of the top-rated companies in the area, then give us a call at LA Remodeling Inc. Our company has been in business for 12 years and counting now, and we are consistently ranked in the top of all contractors across Los Angeles. Whether you need a bathroom or kitchen remodeling accomplished, or you are renovating your office, our team can take care of you. We are contracting experts, and many of our customers continue to use our company for their future needs their satisfaction is so great.

During the planning phase of every project, our team leads recommend to our customers that we carry between a 10 and 20 percent buffer in the project budget for the items that tend to arise on every project after the work starts. For bathroom work, we will typically recommend you put away closer to 20% since this is where we see the greater number of issues arise for unplanned items like repairs, small leaks being found in pipes, etc. We also discover out-of-date and potentially unsafe wiring and plumbing systems in some homes when we start getting behind walls and under floorboards. Our team leads will always try to predict these issues and discuss them with you, but they do arise. Once a project is complete, any left over money is returned to our customer since our number one goal is ensuring your satisfaction and not trying to take all of your money. Many times, new start-up or less-experienced contractors will not realize that they can run into these issues, and they can have a tendency to disrupt their projects when it comes to the budget and overall time that it takes to tackle the unplanned issues.

We also will never try to maximize the amount of money that you have to pay us during a project. Our project leads will always give you options when it comes to choosing the materials, features, and fixtures for any remodeling project, and we will even show you pictures to help visualize the differences between different model brands when making the tough choices between fixtures and type of paint on a remodeling project. We will even do our best to help you visualize what moving a toilet, sink, or shower around in the home will look like before we start the work and start costing you money. Pretty much anything is in the realm of possible when you make the smart decision to partner with LA Remodeling Inc. Please give us a call with any questions that you might have, and we will always be happy to talk shop with you. Once you call us, we’ll setup a meeting with you to talk about additional project details if we come to the team decision that it makes sense for you to hire our company to help make your dreams comes true.